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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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served with sergeant bergdahl. i'm bill raleigh, please remember the spin stops here because we are definitely working out for you. breaking tonight, we are learning exclusive and dramatic new details about sergeant bowe bergdahl's time in captivity. including reports that he became a muslim and at one point declared himself a worrier for islam. welcome to the "kelly file", everyone. i'm megyn kelly. hours ago, fox news was able to report on secret documents we have obtained detailing sergeant bergdahl's movements and his relationship with his captors. during this broadcast, we will investigate whether the white house knew about his alleged conversion to islam and his decoloration, that he was now jihad. we will get analysis and
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information from two connected generals digging into this on their own and in a world exclusive, we have gathered together six members of sergeant bergdahl's platoon. this is the first time these guys have been together since they served in afghanistan and have some fascinating insights on this report that i asked them about and on sergeant bergdahl's behavior. but we begin with our chief washington correspondent james rosen who broke this story just a short time ago. james? >> megyn, good evening. it appears there were times when sergeant bergdahl was treated very much like a hostage, indeed like an animal and times he and his captors exhibited affection and agreed on jihad. the documents show as early as october, 2009 three months into the captivity, the network began exploring a prisoner swap for him but the commander who over saw the 200-man team that kept watch preferred ransom instead.
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tornados the end of his first year, bergdahl made a break for it. a taliban commander advised that the soldier was moved from in early june 2010, about the 17th of june, 2010 the soldier managed to escape but recaptured after five days and taken back to shawal. he is in ill health and within collapsing unquote. the terrorists were angry. an haqqani commander said as of the 23rd of august, the mullah sangeen part of haqqani began to construct a metal cage. conditions for bergdahl have greatly relaxed since the time of the escape. bergdahl converted to islam and described himself as a warrior for islam. bergdahl enjoys the freedom and
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engages in target practice firing ak-47s. bergdahl is allowed to carry a loaded gun on occasion. he plays soccer with guards and appears to be well and happy and has a noticeable of laughing repeatedly and says salaam repeatedly. whether he really believed in jihad is impossible to say, that's being investigated. these were produced by the eclipse group, a private intelligence firm issued by the special operations and low intensity conflict division. megyn? >> incredible reporting. and you can check it out on in james' column. thank you so much. we shared all of this reporting with sergeant bergdahl's platoon members and you'll hear from them reacting in moments but first we'll bring in a retired lieutenant, assistant staff of the air force and fox news contributor and a
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refired four-star general vice chief of staff of the u.s. army and a fox news military analyst. thank you both for being here with your response to this stunning report. general, let me speak with you. what have you heard? you've been working sources on this report. >> thank you, megyn. let me just say those troops you have with you, how much i appreciate their self-less service and the testimony they have been provided these last few days as teammates of sergeant bergdahl and help us understand what took place. james rosen's report that eclipse provided under contract for six months and many months after they continued to provide the reports quite interestingly of itself from talking to a former senior intelligence officer, he read every one of those reports and what james is reporting is consistent with what he had also read himself. now what we don't have, megyn, and this gets into the
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intelligence business, every source that we have of intelligence, we try to confirm that with other sources. i believe some of that has been confirmed and we don't know what that is, and because that is obviously classified. and the fact of the matter is, but even this information, as antiinflammatory and explosive as it is, would have been shared with the entire national command authority and senior leaders of our government. it's indisputable that it would not be done. sergeant bergdahl was a very high intelligence collection target with multiple agencies trying to gather intelligence on him, both in the country of afghanistan, in pakistan and also throughout the united states using natural resources. so this information would have been provided up the chain of command certainly to give people insight as to what was taken place. >> before i go to the general, do you believe general keen that would go up to the commander in chief, this information about
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the conversion and decoloration, he's a warrior for islam? >> according to procedures, this information would go up and natural for it to go up and frankly, given everyone's concern and such a high priority target, people would starve for the information anyway. i would assume it did, although i can't verify it did. >> general? >> i agree with everything jack has said. i think the fact is is that if this was such a high value target to the administration, that the president would make this exchange of five four-star equivalent high-value targets that we had captured that he himself personally would have all this information or he would make this decision. now, we have the no man left behind saying but it's not honorable man left behind, megyn, man and we -- everybody knows that this man deserted. the facts of his collaboration
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or how much a traitor was, is still to be debated and part of or should be part of an article 32 investigation on uniform code of military justice in which they look in and take the appropriate action should he be court marshalled or not. deserting in wartime, the penalty is death. it's important with these things being looked at that the president had to be aware of it and why he made the decision for a buck sergeant to be traded for five four-star general equivalents absolutely amazing me. it has never happened in the history of america. no president made such a swap. >> wow. generals, i wish i had more time p but as i know, you respect the service and attendance of these six platoon members, so do i. i need to get to them. thank you both for being here. >> thank you, megyn. >> thanks, megyn.
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this news just broke hours ago right before i sat down to speak with the men who served with sergeant beau berg daowe b. in a 30-man platoon. it's the first time they have been together since they left afghanistan. we're joined by six members of bowe bergdahl's platoon. thank you for wing here. i want to start with evan, the team leader, what do you make of this latest reporting he converted to islam, talked with his captors and declared himself a warrior for islam by august of 2012? >> initially after he left, we knew that he had deserted. we knew that he was trying to find the taliban or trying to find someone who could speak english so he could talk to the taliban. that was known at the time when we were on the ground right after he left. >> trying to find somebody who
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speaks english and can connect with the taliban could mean, you know, he had god complex, wanted to solve the war. it doesn't mean he's getting ready to collaborate with the enemy against the united states. >> exactly. at this point, we're still going to have to listen to his side of the story at some point. right now, america wants to hear what he has to say. >> raise your hand if you think he deserted. wow. raise you question if you have some question whether he deserted. wow. go ahead, finish your point. >> once he got with the taliban and connected with them, at that point, what happened after that we don't know and we'll have to wait for his answers. now, the -- what is coming out now about him converting to islam and those things, we all heard those reports, too. i mean, we're all still in the army and everything. >> when you think of him in captivity for five years and see that video of him coming home, you know, with the taliban releasing it, a propaganda piece
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and shows him. do you think this is what i would have done, too, what i had to do to survive if it involved saying i converted to islam and took up arms against the united states. what do you guys think when you see that? >> maybe five days. i would have done everything i have to do, course them, trying to escape, swinging on them, trying to steal a gun. shoot them. i'm not going to be a propaganda piece so my family ce me on the internet. >> you were his roommate prior to deployment. >> yes. another thing i keep hearing is what were his motives for deserting? it doesn't matter what his motives were. we took an oath and had to abide by, you know, orders, you know. you don't leave your fellow americans to join somebody else. >> explain that to us. civilians who have never, as you guys did, volunteered our service and lives potentially to protect america think well, he was disillusioned. he was scared. he walked off. help us understand what a -- >> it's not an easy time.
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iraq is not an easy time. any time you're in a combat zone, it's not an easy time. >> you don't do it because it's easy. we're not there because it's easy. we're there to do a hard job and that's what you signed up to do. >> we all signed up by ourselves. we volunteered. a draft didn't come through, nothing like that. for him to sign an oath and like cody said, he signed an oath to do his job. >> some people get over there and it's a different story. he claimed, the e-mail to his dad before he deserted or left or whatever he saw atrocities, he was disillusioned with the army. i'm putting it nicely what he said in that e-mail. >> just to say, to add more to what they are saying, yes, we did sign on that line and we all saw, not atrocities in like, you know, some illegal thing going on trying to get covered up but you see your friends die. no one -- unless you're there, you don't know what we've seen. >> i can feel how strongly you feel about that. but to take it to collaboration,
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possible collaboration with the enemy, which is clearly something our james rosen reported this week that they have a cia file on and many in the intel community who believe that's a possibility and investigating and the latest reporting about, you know, shooting ak-47s with the taliban doing target practice with the taliban, clearly, there is a relationship that developed. it seems hard to believe that an american soldier would do that unless he had gone mad or if he was trying to save his life. >> he doesn't seem like a captive. he seems like someone who is potentially enjoying himself by -- >> wouldn't you do it, you're josh, a medic. >> correct. >> wouldn't you do it, too? he tried to escape. he got back and they put him in a cage for five days. >> you do everything you can to get back to your guys. they care about you. you care for them. you put your life down for them and they will do the same for you. >> what's the best evidence you have the night he went missing
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and wound up captured, he did it intentionally. >> the morning we found out he was missing, someone went to walk him up for his guard shift and he was not there. not in his tent. his weapon, bulletproof vest, sensitive items left behind in the tent. we looked around the small op. it was the size of maybe two acres. some wire, some areas where anyone could walk right up. it wasn't a structured base with walls and gates. we had a struck stand out and a couple bunkers. it only took a few minutes to look around and see he was not there. at that point we knew nothing. we knew he was gone and we had nothing else to go on. we pushed patrol out right away to go to the neighboring village to see if we could find somebody who could give us information, direction of travel, if they saw anything. we got out about ten feet out of where we walked out and two boys who were walking to school came
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up to us and said, hey, there was an american crawling through the weeds that way and they pointed -- >> in the direction and that's the lead we followed. >> i was on the patrol, too. >> i was, too. >> they said he has no weapon or no gear f. you know infantry men, on patrol we are slammed with gear. so they said that it was weird, he was by himself. you guys are never by yourself. >> you never go anywhere without your weapon. >> you never go anywhere by yourself. >> evan, the leader about what would happen if he took sensitive information, if he happened to wonder off -- >> he said what would happen if my sensitive items went missing, which is a rhetorical question. >> you will get in trouble. >> everything shuts down. if a weapon goes missing, everything will shut down. >> how many people had a conversation with him prior to the night he went missing about
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i might walk off and go into india because i read a few of you did. >> he said that to me, probably a week or two prior we got stuck on top of a mountain for a week or so. sitting around waiting to do guard ships, talking to me, making jokes or whatever and he said, you know, i could just see myself getting lost in these mountains. i was like well, i couldn't see myself here but maybe like colorado or alaska. i don't want to be stuck in the mountains of this country, personally. >> did he say anything to you guys about i'm disillusioned with the war effort, i hate the army. >> he never said he hated the army. he said he was concerned and frustrated with america -- the army's -- our approach to the war in what we were doing. he said he was trust rated with that. >> disappointed in the way he thought us going to war would be -- we were going to go to war. no, it was gun battles every day. the war today is not that way.
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as cody stated, it's all -- we're trying to get the right way to go and he was very, i mean, it was discouraging to him. >> yeah, when the rolling stone article came out, we were like what? because the e-mail -- >> because it had devastating quotes that he hated the army. >> the e-mails to his father were different than what he was saying to the people in the platoon. >> he wasn't talking about the horror -- >> no, no, no, he was wanting to do more aggressive stuff and frustrated we weren't allowed to do it. >> do you believe because i know you have evidence you feel, a couple of you feel the attacks got worse on your unit after he disappeared -- >> every one would agree that's clear. >> that the attacks got worse. >> yeah. >> how many of you believe he had something to do with it. raise your hand if you believe that. >> it's way too hard to say there is too many different things. there is new people that came to the area, new bomb makers that came in, if he shared information. that's so speculative.
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>> so how is the white house reacting to this reporting tonight? ed henry is next on that and much more with our platoon. we asked about the political attacks and why they are speaking out now. wait until you see what happened then. >> when you're in combat zone, doesn't matter if you're left, right, independent, jedi, it doesn't matter. we all have an american flag and he's my brother, he's my brother and we'll all ride together and die together. i don't know how he felt about us but we would all die for him. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close.
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as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. breaking details at a deadly shooting at a private christian school today. some killed and others taken to the hospital after a gun man now in custody opened fire while classes were in session. the suspect was apparently reloading when university staff disarmed him. trace gallagher has more on this later in the show. tonight's reports that sergeant bowe bergdahl may have converted to islam while in captivity and declared himself a warrior began breaking while the commander in chief was overseas but just before they did break, he had a chance to weigh in on the case and suggested that this
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was just another phony scandal in washington. chief white house correspondent ed henry just filed this report. >> reporter: good evening, megyn. the white house is quiet about this new information about bowe bergdahl allegedly declaring jihad as early as 2010. we should note in fairness, in part, that's because they want to try to sort out what exactly from these intelligence reports, what is true, what is not true but they also may be hesitant to weigh in because frankly, if in fact bergdahl was declaring himself a warrior for islam, that would run counter to the narrative he served with honor and distinction in the like because there was also something else that contradicted the white house. you had a former defense secretary in this administration giving a speech where he said in earlier stages of the negotiations he opposed this prisoner swap because he was concerned that there was no guarantee the five taliban commanders would not go back out to the battle field. that's the case that republicans have been making.
6:23 pm
so look, in the president's defense at this news conference, he noted bergdahl's health was deteriorating and had a chance to go out and save him. he sees it and makes no apologies for it and aids say he's comfortable making the case to the american people. where it's more difficult for the president, he dismissed this and said it's people in washington whipping it up and aids saying it's obama hater stirring it up. the problem is unlike ira and benghazi where it was drawn along partisan line, you have democrats expressing outrage like the va scandal with bergdahl, as well. that's why the white house is worried. >> thank you. joining me with more our fox news digital politics editor. back to the platoon in a minute. if they knew, if the white house knew what james is reporting tonight and general says he confirmed with a senior source, why would they have done the rollout of this information the way they did?
6:24 pm
>> well, it would appear that -- well, look, even if they just knew what has been reported in the rolling stone article, what is conventionally known about this, which we have to assume they did, you have to assume that some combination of aragain and greed, greed for a polling bounce, greed for the restoration of momentum for presidency that has been on the snide for weeks with the va, with setbacks overseas, with a lit knee of problems and a bad election year for democrats, one gets the sense that the reason they over played their hand to this degree, the rose garden ceremony, served with honor and distinction and all of that was that that wanted to make more out of this than it was. they were trying for a touchdown. >> the reports were they expected euphoria. why would they expect euphoria if they knew -- at least the people under the president knew
6:25 pm
the guy was shooting ak-47s with the captive and converted to islam. i can be stockholm syndrome but you have to know this will be controversial. >> here is the thing. as you saw ed referenced the piece and see other proadministration outlets a narrative that says no, this is because republicans. i think it was on cnn that paul said if obama had cancer, the republicans would attack him for it. the gentleman you talked to tonight are demonstrating, there are pretty credible witnesses against administration's narrative. i would submit the real goal here, the real story in all of this was the desire to repatuate them. >> how dare they go after those guys and platoon members? i'll talk to them about that next. chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> i don't care where you stand
6:26 pm
on this story, you don't go after them. they took up arms in the defense of the united states and just want to have their say and yet, they get attacked because they finally speak out? in moments, i will ask them about that in part two of my interview with the men that lived side by side by bowe bergdahl before he was taken hostage. they respond to the allegation that they have swift boating and worse, and they will react to the administration suggesting that bergdahl served with honor and distinction. >> he is not a hero. he did not serve with distinction. that's a spit in the face for anyone that served in the army and died looking for him. what do you think their family thinks, they don't get their loved one back like bergdahl's family. (crowd cheers) who, really, has the key to the city? with best-in-class payload and best-in-class cargo capacity
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suspects, we've heard many asking whether this deal was worth it. bergdahl was a hero that served with quote distinction, members of his platoon weighed in and concerned he deserted and pointed out others may have died in the effort to rescue him. that did not go over well apparently in washington. first, we heard the state department suggesting those platoon members didn't know what they were talking about. then white house aids started whispering to some faverred reporters decemb eer describing swift voting and then one of the more notable moments came when a deputy secretary in housing and urban development got on twitter and wrote, here is the thing about bergdahl and the jump to conclusion mess. what if his platoon was psychopaths and short on
6:32 pm
leadership? psychopaths? joining me again, six members of his platoon. unbelievable. now let's set this up. it's gone from they told you you couldn't talk, then you decided to talk when they started to say their version and now that you've started to talk, you've got administration figures calling you swift voters and psychopaths. >> i'm flattered they are acknowledging us now. >> yeah. >> shows we're making a point here and that's very important to what we're trying to portray our message. to jump to conclusions and say he's responsible for the deaths. >> as the guys looking for him. >> i need a little more evidence to say that. >> okay. you won't go that far. does anybody go that far he caused the deaths of those looking for him? >> they portrayed six, six people from our battalion? only two were in our company. so we don't know about the other four. >> now, at the same time, they
6:33 pm
all were -- when bergdahl left and we knew that he then was trying to find someone who spoke english to talk to the taliban and we knew that he was then trying to make connections with them, the mission changed. just bergdahl leaving, the mission changed. went from hearts and minding doing, going to villages, trying to find the taliban and helping people to a search, we got to search for this guy. >> this is a big deal. >> very big deal. changed everything. so every mission then was slated on okay, we got intel that he might be here. let's go over there and check it out for, what, two months, maybe more, just non-stop. >> just going. >> does the stress level go up for you guys? >> you don't get to shower, send an e-mail. >> no sleep. >> you're on the big post for maybe one hour and so you get to choose if you want a hot meal, shower, go to the px and roll out and you can't know what you're going to come back, two weeks, three weeks, or four
6:34 pm
weeks. >> when you saw him get on the helicopter, do you remember -- how did you feel when you saw that? >> when i saw him, i said wow, he looks pretty good. we looked a lot worse than that looking for him. >> looking for him. >> i mean, it was kind of funny to me and after watching the whole video, it was a little uneventful. they just handed him over. them saying -- you heard he was sickly and stuff. he didn't appear to be too sickly to me. >> what really made me angry is when i saw on the news yesterday, where they played the audio from the people that handed him off and they said they were disappointed that they took him so quickly because they didn't get to shake his hand and say good-bye. fy was held in captivity for five years, the last thing i want to do is talk with somebody or shake their hand or laugh or joke. i want out as fast as i can. fy was in captivity, nobody is going to say i want to say good-bye to him because i would be dead. >> you were asked by the army to
6:35 pm
sign the non-disclosures and you guys are servicemen. you do what you are asked. you signed them, right? made you speak out? there something that upset you? >> we were told, you know, you can't talk -- some people that haven't spoken out, they signed some official ones. stuff we signed was more of like a gag order, can't talk about it when you're in, probably shouldn't talk about it until you get home. >> why do you feel the need to speak now? >> the truth needs to come out. >> exactly what happened, why it happened. >> what did you think when you saw the president with his parents in the rose garden? [ laughter ] >> i don't know what to think on that. >> we're all in the army. i want was hard to watch that. i had to leave the room. >> wow. >> if he makes a mistake, if matt makes a mistake or do something that violates the military justice code, they get held accountable whether a court marshall, company -- article 15,
6:36 pm
whenever that may be they are held accountable. they have done the right thing, made miss statakes, got punishe did bigger and greater things to have him do something wrong, which is decembserting and be ma hero. >> we talked about susan rice saying he served with honor and distinction these guys are not big fans of that comment. but then jay carney was asked to explain that and here is what he said. >> sergeant bergdahl put on the uniform of the united states voluntarily and went to war for the united states voluntary. that takes honor, and it is a mark of distinction. >> okay. he also voluntary left, as well. he voluntarily left us behind to do his own thing. >> i know a lot of people in the army that came in and didn't serve with honor.
6:37 pm
just because you put on a uniform doesn't mean you did anything, proved anything or shown that you have honor or done anything until you actually do something. >> even at the time, signing on the dotted line, knowing what you get yourself into and joining the military, knowing you're deploying, that's an honorable thing off the bat and great and it was true at the time for him but then he walked away in the middle of afghanistan on the partest front lines you can be on to go seek out the taliban. >> you feel that was a front to you to say his service was with honor. >> it's saying that's honorable, walking away, wlovr his agenda was in trying to connect with the taliban, explain to me how that's honorable? >> they seem to be trying to predate it. >> that's spitting in the face to everyone who deployed, came back. >> goes for every service member. >> not even officers of his company. every person in the military. >> what do you make of some white house aids are saying you
6:38 pm
guys are swift boaters and the president and his top aids are saying anybody complaining about this are being political. >> this is not about politics. this about the fact bergdahl walked away from us, went to try to find the taliban and we know that for a fact and we were all there and there is not one person you can find who will say they don't believe that who was there. that is as clear as day. that's what we're trying to put out there. he did not serve with distinction. that's a spit in the face to everyone who joined the army and anyone who died looking for him. what do you think their families think? they don't get their loved one back like bergdahl's family. >> are you guys republican, democrats, political? >> here is the thing. when you're in combat doesn't matter, left, right, independ t independent, jedi, whatever you
6:39 pm
want to be. he's my brother, he's himy brother, he's my brother. we'll all ride together, we'll all die together. i don't know how he felt about us but we would all die for him and he left. >> and i considered him my really good friend and that hit me harder than some of the other guys. it hit us hard. >> if you could see him today, what would you say? i would ask him why. >> we've all -- i think collectively and i know i have because being his team leader, he walks away and we never got closure. we have no idea why he did it. why? we had enough time to deal with our feelings about it. i don't think any of us are angry at him but we need closure, everybody needs closure at this point and now that it's this big, all of america needs closure, not just the people there. >> raise your hand if you would like to see him court marshalled and see a trial. wow. >> at the same time, getting his perspective and what he will say
6:40 pm
now and thought, okay, you don't come up to a murderer and ask him did you do it? no, i didn't. okay, you're free to go. >> a lot of people said how can you say you deserted without his testimonial. >> i'll say look, those guys are lying. >> what about the classified files. >> statements. >> statements, original investigation, the files classified and nobody can even see, why can't they bring it to the public light. >> is there anything he can say that will persuade you do to say he didn't desert? >> no, he left rop. he left brother, soldier, leadership. he left the country to go seek out the taliban. >> he is still a u.s. citizen and hasn't been discharged from the army and still a u.s. soldier. i think he deserved due process. >> we all agree with that. >> if that investigate leads to the a court marshall so be it. >> that's our point, we want him to be held accountable for
6:41 pm
everything. >> he needs to answer for what he did. >> circumstance coyou don't do e a trial. >> don't miss my last part of the interview with platoon members. i'll ask them and we'll talk about whether trading terrorists for bergdahl was worth it. do you believe this prisoner swap was worth it? do you agree with the prisoner swap? raise your hand. wow, not one of you supports it. why not? >> those are very bad people. they are not an office clerk. just because they go away for awhile, they will not stop what they are doing. they continue to do it and will always continue to do what they do. >> and they talked about what they have told their own families they would have done had they been in bergdahl's position. the warnings they gave their families if they had been taken captive and what they told their families to expect and what they
6:42 pm
think mr. bergdahl's family should have expected. we'll show that to you tomorrow night and more, again, 9:00 p.m. eastern, set your dvr now on the fox news channel and "kelly file." we've been reporting breaking details on the secret documents detailing sergeant bergdahl's time in captivity. we'll ask senator marco rubio about that next. weekdays are for rising to the challenge.
6:43 pm
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6:47 pm
responsive and careful because as a member of the intelligence community and last night i made aware of classified information. let me say the substance of this report that you reported, i've asked questions specifically on point and the answers i got directly contradict or dispute what you have been reporting this evening. so clearly, if this happens to be true, we've got a serious problem with the administration that's leading members of congress because the question i asked was on point with what you're reporting here tonight. >> it's also been reported and james has been leading the way on this this week that the cia has a major file on bergdahl ask been investigating and many in the intel community have serious concerns about whether he did actually collaborate in someway with the taliban and, you know, if he did, you can understand, the reasons why that will be discussed when he gets back, right? stockholm syndrome to save his life. what was it? it would certainly raise the spector for us in watching him when he comes back, right? >> yeah. >> and would perhaps change the
6:48 pm
equation on is it worth it. >> i would say, again, i have asked questions specifically on point in essence on point. as far as the equation is concerned irrespective of this process of the military to deal with this and moving forward, you released taliban members who will rejoin the battle field, four of the five and you can anticipate will be back involved in the fight against america. >> but, the president says we leave no man behind and, you know, i think even if americans have mixed feelings about bowe bergdahl and many believe he deserted his platoon mates, you should ask should we elect to leave him there to rot? >> the president should have done everything possible to get
6:49 pm
him back short of endangering the lives of the men and women by the thousands out there serving us who are attractive or more attractive targets for the taliban -- >> the taliban said they are encouraged to take more hostages given how this worked out. why do you think the president did it? knowing at least what he knew about these five terrorists, why did he do it? >> i have no doubt why they did it beyond the issue of getting this gentleman returned to his family, i'm convinced this is part of a strategy for domestic consumption. he traveled to afghanistan on monday, which is fine and gave his point talking and cap off the week. in the hopes of reinvigorating as a great leader. >> senator good to see you. >> thank you. breaking news on a deadly
6:50 pm
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there is breaking news on a deadly shooting at a private christian school after a gunman opened fire at seattle pacific university while classes were in session trace gallagher report ounce that, trace. >> the shooting happened in the science and engineering building and walk in with a rifle and opened fire on the first three students he saw and tried to reload. because that security guard got the gun away, there was confusion there was a second suspect.
6:55 pm
instead he's hailed as a hero. a student died and a second 20-year-old surgery is in surgery in critical condition and a third student does not have life threatening injuries and a fourth was taken to the hospital because they were traumatized. listen to what one student heard. >> i just heard there is a shooting inside the building and after the gunshot and screaming afterwards and then closed the door. >> the student is believed to be -- or rather the student shooter is believed to be a shooter at the college and this may have been caught on surveillance camera. >> megyn? >> trace, thank you. up next, a look ahead at tomorrow night's interview with bergdahl's platoon. stay tuned. the healthcare you d. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close.
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7:00 pm
because i signed on the line to die for my country. >> there is a sample of how some feel. the full exchange tomorrow. follow he me on twitter and let me know what you think. i'm megyn kelly, thanks for watching. welcome to "hannity." there is a fox news alert. the man president obama traded five taliban terror rests for. according to documents, sergeant bowe bergdahl converted to islam and fraternized and declared himself a warrior for islam. joining us with explosive information is james rosen who broke this exclusive story a short time ago. james? >> sean, good evening. the documents obtained by fox news offer the most detailed realtime accounts yet known to exist chronicling what sergeant bergdahl's life in captivity was like and showed the relations